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Join Albert, a shy toast eating dragon as he sets out on a journey of discovery and establishes that a song and a smile can mend more than just wings.

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Awarded Best Children's Book 2023 
CAP Awards

"A beautifully crafted text with a truly heart warming plot - and my goodness do we need more of those these days!"

Review by Little Miss Teacher

The author

New Zealand, a far-flung destination famous for sheep, adventure, hobbits and some might even say, Gareth Chapman!

These days however, Gareth could quite possibly be found sitting at a desk in the Slieve Aughty mountains, a range of 'large hills' as he calls them which are nestled on the outskirts of County Galway, Ireland.  It is in these mountains that he is lucky enough to have a wee family, a wee house, a wee block of land and a couple of dogs, a rabbit, a cat, a horse and a mortgage.  That's right, he is a kiwi living in Ireland!

Writing to Gareth is about sharing.  Sharing ideas, sharing stories and sharing laughs.  With a stroke of your pen you can create anything!  From toast eating dragons or snuffling hedgehogs to fairy lights in windows and spooky old cottages. The only limitation to a story are the bounds of your imagination.  That is the magic of writing.

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The illustrator

Andrea Rossi is an illustrator and fine artist, inspired by children’s books, the beauty of everyday objects, comforts of home and the lush colours of the landscapes of Ireland.  She attended Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado and Escola Panamericana de Arte in her home town Sao Paulo/Brazil where she graduated in Graphic Design and Fine Arts. 


She currently lives and works in Connemara from her open studio in the Spiddal Craft Village, Co Galway. 

Her work is also featured in stationery and home décor products.

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Picture Book Snob


This gorgeous picture book demonstrates how powerful kindness can be and celebrates the transformative qualities of friendship. The story also stresses the importance of accepting one’s flaws (real or imagined) and not hiding away from the world on account of them.   With lyrical, rhyming text, striking illustrations, and just the smallest suggestion of magic, this has a quaint and charming "storybook" quality. It reminds me of the more traditional books from my childhood, yet feels remarkably fresh and original. Albert is an endearing character, and in his tweed coat and old woollen scarf, feels very real.  Click here for full review

Little Miss Teacher

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Albert the Dragon really is a gorgeous read, with a lovely message of kindness embedded within the plot.  One of the things that really stands out to you on your first read of Albert the Dragon, is the quality of the illustrations. Though detailed, they are age appropriate and afford plenty of opportunities for exploration, discussion and inferring.

Click here for full review

Fallen Star Stories

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 This is a warm and cheerful story with a lilting rhyming text and colourful illustrations with an expressive quality page after page. With good characterisation, themes of loss of confidence, friendship and understanding are voiced in a sincere, child-friendly way. Albert the Dragon will bring a burst of reassurance into the heart of any child who struggles with shyness. Tender, heartfelt, a bit quirky, bright and utterly delightful.

Click here for full review

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